Bold faced items are up for vote.

January 3, 2023 Re- organization meeting

  1. Meeting Called to Order By Secretary
  2. Pledge of Allegiance & Moment of Silence
  3. Appointment of Temporary Chairperson
  4. Nominations/Appoint Chairperson(Turn Meeting Over to Chairperson)
  5. Nominations/Appoint Vice Chairperson
  1. Nominations/Appoint Secretary — Ann Ostergaard
  2. Nominations/Appoint Treasurer – Dana Brubaker
  3. Nominations/Appoint Assistant Treasurer —Ann Ostergaard
  4. Nominations/Appoint Secretary of Planning Commission– Ann Ostergaard
  5. Nominations/Appoint Secretary of Zoning Hearing Board–Ann Ostergaard
  • Treasurers Bond– the amount of Treasurer’s and Assistant Treasurer’s Bond to be $250,000 each for Calendar Year 2020
  1. Nominations/Appoint Roadmaster —Chad Felty
  2. Nominations/Appoint Emergency Management Coordinator — Chad Felty
  3. Nominations/Appoint Assistant Emergency Management Coordinator– Dave Duffy
  • Nominations/Appoint Township Solicitor — Chris Riedlinger
  1. Nominations/Appoint Assistant Solicitor — Eric Brown
  2. Nominations/Appoint Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor —Robert Frycklund
  • Nominations/Appoint Engineer — ARRO Consultants
  • Nominations/Appoint Sewage Enforcement Officer —Bill Brior
  • Nominations/Appoint Alternate Sewage Enforcement Officer — RobertFugate
  • Nominations/Appoint Zoning Officer — Bill N. McMullen, ARRO
  • Nominations/Appoint Assistant Zoning Officer —Ann Ostergaard,Shannon Darker
  • Nominations/Appoint Building Code Official—Comprehensive Inspection Agency
  1. Nominations/Appoint Flood Plain Administrator —Bill N. McMullen
  • Nominations/Appointment of Asst. Flood Plain AdministratorShannon Darker
  1. Nominations/Appoint Chairman of Vacancy Hearing Board–Christine Troxell
  2. Nominations/Appoint Delegate/Alternate to Eastern Schuylkill Recreation Commission — Kent Heisler & Christine Troxell
  • Increase/Decrease Mileage Reimbursement (as per IRS, Jan 1): $.625 per mile



            Other Business of the Board:


Resolution 1 of 2023:  Re-enacting all local taxes for 2023


Resolution 2 of 2023:  Setting Wages and Salaries for 2023


Resolution 3 of 2023:  Appointment of SEO & Fee Schedule


Resolution 4 of 2023:  Depositories for Township


Resolution 5 of 2023:  Depositories for Tax Collection


Resolution 6 of 2023:  Appointing Building and Code Enforcement and adoption of fee schedule


Resolution 7  of 2023:  Appointing Planning Commission Members


January 3, 2023 Regular Meeting

  1. Public Comment
  2. Approval of December 1, 2022 Meeting Minutes
  3. Department Reports
    1. Treasurer Report and Bills to be Paid
    2. Road Master Report
    3. Police Report — 
    4. Assistant Zoning Report
    5. Engineering Report
    6. Planning Commission Report
    7. Solicitor Report
    8. SEO Report
    9. Tax Collector Report
    10. NEFC Report
  4. Old Business
    1. DCNR Park Grant updates
  5. New Business
    1. 2023 Road Project
    2. Ordinance 01-2023 for Supervisors Compensation rate set
    3. Approval of PSATS Conference
    4. Approval of NEFC 2023 Fundraising Activities
  6. Correspondence
  7. Adjourn

Meeting will be open to public and also available via ZOOM meeting.  For link to each meeting email the secretary at


****Schuylkill County has discontinued their recyclable drop off program .  The recycling bins are removed.  Clean used waste oil can still be dropped off.     The county has enacted an ordinance mandating private haulers to provide curb side pick up of recyclables.  Contact your private hauler for more information.  ******


****Wildcat Road is now has a 13 ton limit to use per Ordinance 01-2020.  Exemptions are available for local businesses and residents.  Please contact township for more information.

*****Zoning permits are required for any new construction or structures on property as well as logging permits are required for logging of private land. This includes but is not limited to sheds, fences, decks etc.   Please contact the township office for more information. 

Swimming pools both in ground and above ground require both a zoning permit as well as a UCC building permit.